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Hung Tung

Known as the “untrained painter” or “the Eastern Picasso”, Hung Tung surprised the Taiwanese painting circle with his words and artwork. His former residence remains unchanged.

Zeng Muzhi

Zeng began his apprenticeship under Penghu Tongsan School wood sculptor Su Yongqin in Kaohsiung when he was sixteen. After completing his three-year training, Zeng provided many decorative wood sculptures for local temples. Wood sculptors in Mainland China often use sketches of his works as references for their own pieces.

Hou Yuli
Along with Wu Sanlian, Hou established Tainan Spinning Co. and Universal Cement Co. and led the businesses in Tainan. He served as the Chairman of Wu San-Lien Awards Foundation in 1978 and has helped cultivate many new local artists.

Huang Wenbo

Born in 1956, Huang graduated from the Department of History (night school) of National Cheng Kung University. Currently he is doing local field studies in the southwest coastal area. His books include A Record of Taiwan Local Beliefs, Local Culture and Legends of Taiwan, and Local Beliefs of Taiwan



Wang Jinhe 

Wang headed the Christian Mustardseed Church Free Clinic (Beimen) which provides shelter and care to blackfoot disease patients from 1960 - 1983. Known as the “Father of Blackfoot Disease”, the doctor retired on Aug. 25th, 1996, after practicing medicine for 50 years.