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Area: 44.1003 km2
Population: (by June. 2019) 10,941

Administration area includes: 10 Villages and 85 Neighborhoods

Geographical location:

Beimen District is located at the most northwest coastline of Tainan City. The land was formed by gradual mud accumulation in the former Daofeng lagoon. The district adjoins Xuejia District to the east and the Taiwan Strait to the west. Jiangjun River marks the border between Beimen and Jiangjun District; and Bajhang River runs between Beimen District and Yizhu Township and Budai Township of Chiayi County. Jishuei River runs through our township and into the Taiwan Strait.

Local Characteristics:

Beimen District has many lagoons and other landscapes due to its ever-changing coastline on the west. Wangyegang Shoal and coastal sandbars form the outer rim of the lagoons. What is left of the former Daofeng lagoon is situated on the east side, and has been developed into salt fields and fish farms which are commonly found along the seacoast of western Tainan City. Beimen District is under the management of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Office - Qigu Coastal System. Possible recreation and tourism developments may include water sports and activities, tourism and recreation, and natural scenery sightseeing.