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Office Location

From Provincial Highway No. 17 143K, turn on to Beimen urban road (old Provincial Highway No. 17). The office is located next to the road.

The office is easily accessible via County Highway No. 171, No. 174, Expressway No. 61 and No. 84 (Beimen - Yujing line).

Public Transit

Take the train to Tainan Station, walk to Tainan East stop on Chungcheng Rd. Take the Xingnan bus (to Jiali - blue line) to Beimen. Get off at Beimen District Office stop and walk 3 minutes to the office.

Or from the Chiayi HSR station, take the Southwest Coast Route tourist shuttle to Beimen and get off at Beimen Visitor Center. Walk 3 minutes to the office.


 Driving directions



Shiaying System Interchange→Expressway No. 84 (Beimen - Yujing line) → Provincial Highway No. 17→  Beimen



Sun Yat-sen Freeway/Freeway No. 1 →Exit at Xinying Interchange →drive west pass Yanshui→  Provincial Highway No. 19  →drive south to Xuejia and County Highway No. 171 →drive west to Beimen

Sun Yat-sen Freeway/Freeway No. 1→Expressway No. 84 (Beimen - Yujing line)  to Provincial Highway No. 17  Beimen



Sun Yat-sen Freeway/Freeway No. 1→Exit at Madou Interchange  →Highway No. 171 to Xuejia →No. 174→ drive west towards Xidiliao →Provincial Highway No. 17 →Beimen



 Expressway No. 84 (Beimen - Yujing line)  → Provincial Highway No. 17 → Beimen




Sun Yat-sen Freeway/Freeway No. 1→ Exit at Madou Interchange →drive west to Shueja →No. 171 →drive west to Beimen